Noble Family Reunion
Westfield, MA

Day 2 
September 29, 2002


Day two of the family reunion began Sunday morning with everyone assembling in the hotel lobby.  From there we boarded the bus, and headed off to the First Congregational Church in Westfield.  They had a coffee service for us, and reserved the front pews for us.  It was a very nice service.  From there we headed for Noble View, which is now a nature and hiking preserve maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club.  Lunch followed at the School Street Bistro, and then we toured the historic Dewey house.  The group then went to Stanley Park.  Some members went to tour the Mathew Noble/Hannah Denny house, and others visited the beautiful gardens in the park.   I visited the gardens.    A barbeque chicken dinner followed, and appreciation awards were given out to Bob Dewey, Ralph Cortis, and Carol Benner who justly deserved them.  Donna Shoemaker Pratt discussed next year's reunion to be held in August at the Noble Ranch in eastern Arizona at Alpine.  

P9290149sm.jpg (98108 bytes)
In the lobby of the Best Western

P9290161sm.jpg (107509 bytes)
First Congregational Church

P9290151sm.jpg (68923 bytes)
Coffee Service at church

P9290156sm.jpg (77221 bytes)
Nobles - Group Photo

P9290158sm.jpg (63528 bytes)
Noble Spouses
For Captioned version click HERE

P9290162sm.jpg (77841 bytes)
Jack Hotchkiss, Bill Nelson, and Bob Prizio leaving the church

On we go to Noble View.  

P9290163sm.jpg (135525 bytes)
Old Farmhouse at Noble View

P9290164sm.jpg (118998 bytes)
Gary Forish briefs the Nobles on the history of Noble View

P9290167sm.jpg (159624 bytes)
Another view of old farmhouse

P9290169sm.jpg (107323 bytes)
Ralph Cortis gives some more history

P9290170sm.jpg (115965 bytes)
Alan Phelps, Ann & David Bach,
 Bill Nelsen

P9290171sm.jpg (120172 bytes)
Sandy Phelps, Michael Hampton, Alan Phelps

P9290174sm.jpg (162438 bytes)
Ted & Freda Noble, Bob & Patty Prizio, Margaret & Bill Nelsen

P9290177sm.jpg (157182 bytes)
Old Barn and the Nobles

P9290179sm.jpg (156886 bytes)
Dog at Noble View

P9290181sm.jpg (64273 bytes)
West Springfield from Noble View

P9290185sm.jpg (119526 bytes)
Upper cabins

P9290189sm.jpg (72492 bytes)
Food preparation area

P9290190sm.jpg (56134 bytes)
Dining Area

P9290192sm.jpg (77874 bytes)

P9290195sm.jpg (69858 bytes)
Back of Fireplace. Note date on wall.

From Noble View it was on to lunch at the School Street Bistro.

P9290224sm.jpg (95389 bytes)
School Street Bistro

P9290225sm.jpg (82655 bytes)
Arriving School St Bistro

P9290198sm.jpg (64155 bytes)
Ann and David Bach

P9290199sm.jpg (88075 bytes)
Bill & Margaret Nelsen

P9290200sm.jpg (80529 bytes)
Bob & Patty Prizo

P9290202sm.jpg (84486 bytes)
Jeanne & Ralph Cortis

P9290203sm.jpg (82044 bytes)
Alice Morse, Michael Hampton

P9290204sm.jpg (86116 bytes)
Alice Hotchkiss, H Clinton Noble, 
Alice Morse

P9290205sm.jpg (69910 bytes)
Philip, Jack & Alice Hotchkiss

P9290206sm.jpg (91023 bytes)
Jack Hotchkiss

P9290208sm.jpg (99046 bytes)
Freda & Ted Noble

P929020sm.jpg (92407 bytes)
Bob, Carol. and Bill Benner

P9290209sm.jpg (91071 bytes)
Fred Sackett, Huck Lamb

P9290212sm.jpg (87451 bytes)
Rick & Sharon Eaton

P9290213sm.jpg (77140 bytes)
Betty Noble Grudnowski and Rick Eaton

P9290214sm.jpg (105672 bytes)
Grace Kneil, Wallace Grudnowski

P9290216sm.jpg (98490 bytes)
Alan & Sandy Phelps

P9290217sm.jpg (101616 bytes)
Jed & Betty White

P9290219sm.jpg (107179 bytes)
George Eroz (our bus driver)

P9290220sm.jpg (82265 bytes)
John & Dorothy Baker

P9290221sm.jpg (84140 bytes)
Donna Pratt

P9290222sm.jpg (71974 bytes)
Ron & Melanie Kuhnel

P9290223sm.jpg (109175 bytes)
Betty White, Alan Phelps, Ralph Cortis, Sandy Phelps, Donna Pratt

The historic Dewey house was the next stop.

P9290230sm.jpg (169697 bytes)
The Dewey House

P9290231sm.jpg (77103 bytes)
Sign at front door

P9290238sm.jpg (71246 bytes)
National Register of Historic Places

P9290226sm.jpg (94728 bytes)
The Historic Dewey House

P9290232sm.jpg (81055 bytes)
Donna Pratt inspects fireplace

P9290233sm.jpg (69334 bytes)
Kitchen fireplace and utensils

P9290235sm.jpg (87087 bytes)
Fireplace (note hole in back)

P9290237sm.jpg (87064 bytes)
Spinning Wheel

P9290239sm.jpg (85718 bytes)

P9290241sm.jpg (94426 bytes)
Unique hand cut lath (For lath and plaster)

P9290243sm.jpg (95655 bytes)
Old Chimney

P9290244sm.jpg (128559 bytes)
Freda and Ted Noble

P9290246sm.jpg (119988 bytes)
Ted Noble and Jed White

So with all this wonderful weekend almost behind us we headed off to our barbeque at Stanley Park.  Some of the group went to visit the Mathew Noble/Hannah Denny house, while others visited the park.   For the photos of the Mathew Noble/Hannah Dewey House (photos courtesy of Patty Prizio) click HERE.

P9290248sm.jpg (129459 bytes)
Arriving at the Pavilion

P9290250sm.jpg (69910 bytes)
The Stanley Park Pavilion

P9290251sm.jpg (174849 bytes)
Waiting for map of the park
(Bill Benner, Freda & Ted Noble, Carol Benner, Melanie Kuhnel)

9P9290252sm.jpg (131008 bytes)
Freda & Ted Noble, Melanie Kuhnel, Carol Benner

P9290306sm.jpg (136721 bytes)
Duck Pond

P9290331sm.jpg (81624 bytes)
My goodness...that's a lot of food!!

P9290332sm.jpg (112633 bytes)
Tom & Grace Kneil (on left), Tom and Alice Hotchkiss (on right), Philip Hotchkiss (partially hidden), Fred Sackett, Michael Hampton (in back)

P9290333sm.jpg (83203 bytes)
George Eroz, Alan  & Sandy Phelps, Donna Pratt

P9290336sm.jpg (86372 bytes)
Alice Hotchkiss, Tom Kneil, Philip Hotchkiss, Fred Sackett (partially hidden) Michael Hampton

P9290339sm.jpg (73534 bytes)
David Bach gives Bob Dewey a thank you gift for arranging the weekend

P9290342sm.jpg (73486 bytes)
Thanks go to Ralph Cortis who did a fantastic job as our guide

P9290344sm.jpg (72923 bytes)
Carol Benner accepts a well deserved thank you gift from Michael Hampton

P9290349sm.jpg (77102 bytes)
Thank you Carol Benner!!

P9290352sm.jpg (90579 bytes)
Donna Pratt tells of the 2003 Reunion to be held in Arizona

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