Noble Family Reunion
Westfield, MA

Day 1 
September 28, 2002

The reunion group boarded the bus at the Best Western Hotel in West Springfield, MA and proceeded to the Noble Hospital in Westfield, MA, founded in 1893 through a bequest by Reuben Noble (1820-1890).   Following a wonderful continental breakfast, the "Nobles" heard presentations from Bob Dewey, who graciously arranged most of the weekend events, Westfield Mayor Richard Sullivan, Jr. who welcomed everyone to Westfield, and the President of the Noble Hospital, Mr. George Koller, who told of the history of the hospital and its plans for the future..  The operations director then led a tour of this wonderfully clean facility which was thoroughly enjoyed  by everyone.

P9280001sm.jpg (82368 bytes)
On the bus

P9280042sm.jpg (75857 bytes)
Arriving Noble Hospital

P9280043sm.jpg (75406 bytes)
Noble Hospital

P9280032sm.jpg (88927 bytes)
Front Entry

P9280003sm.jpg (114480 bytes)
Breakfast (yum!)

P9280004sm.jpg (83348 bytes)
Eating Breakfast

P9280009sm.jpg (88884 bytes)
Eating Breakfast

P9280016sm.jpg (69896 bytes)
Eating Breakfast

P9280019sm.jpg (75513 bytes)
Bob and Carol Benner

P9280015sm.jpg (43076 bytes)
Bob Dewey greets everyone

P9280021sm.jpg (55320 bytes)
Mayor Richard Sullivan, Jr.

P9280024sm.jpg (44808 bytes)
Hospital President George Koller

P9280029sm.jpg (82545 bytes)
Rueben Noble and Jed White

P9280034sm.jpg (73368 bytes)
Touring the hospital

P9280037sm.jpg (69213 bytes)
Touring the hospital

Following the trip to the hospital the group traveled to the historic Mechanics St. Cemetery, with many Noble and Dewey graves, including the oldest stone in the cemetery, belonging  to Abigail Noble who was the wife of John Noble, and the daughter of John and Abigail Sackett.  The following 15 photos are of various Nobles and Dewey gravestones.

P9280061sm.jpg (140054 bytes)
Arriving Mechanics St. Cemetery

P9280046sm.jpg (143661 bytes)
Abigail Noble (1663-1683)

P9280047sm.jpg (151962 bytes)
Sally Noble d Jun 1 1862

P9280048sm.jpg (128501 bytes)
Lucy Noble d Jul 20 1846
Sally Noble D July 6 1812
(wives of Eli G. Noble)

P9280049sm.jpg (140226 bytes)
Zeviah Noble d 1836
(wife of Paul Noble)

P9280050sm.jpg (135386 bytes)
Children of Eli and Lucy Noble
Marthyett, Maryette, Orange S

P9280051sm.jpg (113059 bytes)
Horace Noble d jan 15 1848

P9280052sm.jpg (118635 bytes)
William B Noble d Sept 19 1842

P9280054sm.jpg (153904 bytes)
Calvin Noble d Nov 21 1821

P9280055sm.jpg (100811 bytes)
Stephen Noble d Apr 9, 1791

P9280056sm.jpg (118915 bytes)
Sally Noble d Nov 22 1862

P9280057sm.jpg (112665 bytes)
Henry Noble d May 23 1850

P9280058sm.jpg (123976 bytes)
Henry Noble d Mar 7, 1807
Eliza Noble, d Sep 8, 1806

P9280059sm.jpg (164126 bytes)
Mrs. B Noble and E N (129171 bytes)
Dewey's: Thomas, Jedediah, 
Joseph, Joseph, Eliab, &

Lunch was held at Gran-Val Scoop, a nice buffet with all the homemade ice cream you could eat.    Joyce Jones gave a brief history of the Noble and Cooley Drum factory, which has been in existence for almost 150 years. Founded by Silas Noble and James Cooley, and now run by Jay Jones (Great-great-great grandson of James Cooley) and his wife Joyce, this drum shop has been in existence since 1854.  They made drums for the Civil War, and now make some of the finest drums for Rock Bands.  Noble and Cooley drums are known as the world's finest drums.  The Jones' ran a wonderful tour.

P9280062sm.jpg (144152 bytes)
Arriving for lunch

P9280063sm.jpg (129999 bytes)
Grand Val Scoop

P9280064sm.jpg (79035 bytes)
Buffet line

P9280093sm.jpg (100745 bytes)
Noble and Cooley Drum Factory

P9280094sm.jpg (94883 bytes)
Noble and Cooley Drum Factory

P9280066sm.jpg (61191 bytes)
Joyce Jones tells of the history of the
Noble and Cooley Drum Factory

P9280068sm.jpg (95640 bytes)
Historic Drums

P9280071sm.jpg (79396 bytes)
Mr. Jay Jones leads tour

P9280072sm.jpg (92412 bytes)
Drums under construction

P9280073sm.jpg (95119 bytes)
Drum making equipment

P9280077sm.jpg (98434 bytes)
More historic drums

P9280080sm.jpg (76443 bytes)
More equipment

P9280081sm.jpg (71401 bytes)
Rock Band Drum Sets

P9280082sm.jpg (55634 bytes)
Still more historic drums

P9280083sm.jpg (88944 bytes)
Wooden drum shells

P9280084sm.jpg (70622 bytes)
Equipment for sanding wooden drums

P9280085sm.jpg (92752 bytes)
Paint Drying Racks

P9280087sm.jpg (95161 bytes)
Rock Band Drum Work Station

P9280089sm.jpg (67303 bytes). James Cooley (co-founder)

P9280090sm.jpg (60651 bytes)
Silas Noble (co-founder)

The Noble and Cooley Drum Factory
has a web site. It can be reached by 
clicking HERE.

From the drum factory, the next stop was the Pine Hill Cemetery in Westfield.   Here all the Noble descendents  lined up for a group photo.  One was taken Saturday at Pine Hill Cemetery, The other group photo was taken on Sunday at the First Congregational Church.  Both are shown here.   Following these photos are a series of photos of various Noble and Dewey tombstones in the cemetery.

The Noble Family

(Click on photo to enlarge and see the names)

The Noble Family at the First Congregational Church
(click on photo to enlarge and see the names)

On to the Pine Hill Cemetery....

P9280097sm.jpg (88323 bytes)

P9280099sm.jpg (100227 bytes)
Betty White, Patty Prizio, Bob Prizio, Mike Hampton

P9280108sm.jpg (124109 bytes)
Frances S. Noble 1912-1992

P9280109sm.jpg (118747 bytes)
Eliza Noble d Aug 21 1851

P9280110sm.jpg (118454 bytes)
Seth Noble d Jun 1 1802

P9280111sm.jpg (130474 bytes)
Louis M Dewey 1865-1931
Nancy E Bailey 1872-1956 

P9280112sm.jpg (167509 bytes)
Noble Monument

P9280113sm.jpg (104728 bytes)
Charles Noble d Mar 9 1862
Sophia Noble d Mar 29 1862
(his wife)

P9280114sm.jpg (104493 bytes)
Wells Noble b 6/24/1851 d 9/6/1901
Ralph Wells Noble b 10/8/1895
(his son)      d 12/18.1895

P9280119sm.jpg (143648 bytes)
Nancy Noble d Apr 11, 1850

P9280120sm.jpg (141679 bytes)
Mercy Noble d Jan 25, 1857
(wife of Daniel Noble)

P9280123sm.jpg (98313 bytes)
F Emeline Noble d Sept 1, 1880
(wife of Austin H Buxton)

P9280124sm.jpg (95345 bytes)
Daniel Noble d Nov 26, 1867

P9280125sm.jpg (100551 bytes)
Daniel Noble b Dec 0, 1787
d July 26, 1967

P9280126sm.jpg (170801 bytes)
Mary A Noble d Oct 29, 1870

P9280127sm.jpg (159481 bytes)
David Noble 1828-1902

P9280129sm.jpg (134713 bytes)
Henry Noble d May 12 1998

P9280130sm.jpg (129391 bytes)
Charles Noble Jr. d Nov 26, 1858

P9280132sm.jpg (149974 bytes)
Reuben Noble d Jun 2 1890

P9280135sm.jpg (130813 bytes)
Eliza Foote d May 29, 1879 
(wife of Reuben Noble)

P9280136sm.jpg (119180 bytes)
Luby Noble 

P9280142sm.jpg (132072 bytes)
In front of Noble Crypt

P9280138sm.jpg (50415 bytes)
F Arthur Noble d July 12 1914

P9280141sm.jpg (55831 bytes)
Julia S Noble d Jun 26 1953

P9280139sm.jpg (51018 bytes)
Howard G Noble d Nov 9, 1958

P9280140sm.jpg (51410 bytes)
Andelucia Loomis - wife of James Noble

P9280145sm.jpg (96617 bytes)
Statue - Grand Army of the Republic

P9280146sm.jpg (124596 bytes)
William E Noble 1844-1910
Fred N Noble 1869-1869
William H Noble 1870-1929

P9280147sm.jpg (138306 bytes)
Warren H Noble b Dec 26, 1869
                          d Mar 10, 1939

P9280148sm.jpg (114290 bytes)
Abigail L Noble b Jul 25, 1820
                         d Jun 27, 1890

End of Day 1