Noble - Warriner


2002 Reunion

September 28-29, 2002

Westfield, MA

On a beautiful weekend in late September, some of the descendents of Thomas Noble and Hannah Warriner, along with their spouses and friends, gathered in Westfield, MA for a glorious reunion.  Bob Dewey and Ralph Cortis of the Westfield Historic Commission did an incredible job of arranging a fascinating (and somewhat fattening....yes the food was good) weekend.     Here are some photos of that event.   Note:  These are all "thumbnails". Click on any photo for a larger, but be warned, slower loading version.  For full size digital copies of any photo contact the photographer, Ron Kuhnel, at  For more manageable pages these have been divided into Day 1 and Day 2.


DAY 1 (Saturday, Sept. 28th)

DAY 2 (Sunday Sept. 29th)

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