Noble 2007 Family Reunion
Westfield, MA

August 3-5, 2007

The 2007 Noble family reunion was held again in in the town of Westfield, Massachusetts. with side trips to the nearby towns of Northhampton, Worthington,and Russell. This is the fourth time in the past  six years the reunion has been held this area.  On Thursday, August 3, family members met each other on the steps of the Westfield library.  After going inside and getting our reunion binders, we proceeded to the Thomas Smith House. This house was first visited in 2005 at the Noble reunion of that year, and it was interesting to see the progress that has been made. Following this we went to dinner at Take 5 in Feeding Hills.

Day 2 began at 9 o'clock AM at the First Congregational Church. We began with a business meeting of the Noble Warriner Association. A financial report was given and it was announced that the Association Newsletter would be published twice a year and sent out via e-mail to all those that have this capability. Those without e-mail will continue to get a paper copy. Clifton Jerry Noble, Sr. read excerpts from his new book, 31 High, and Jerry Noble, Jr talked about the concert scheduled for Friday night in Worthington where he will play with Bob Sparkman. Picnic lunches were purchased and we went to Stanley Park and ate at the Pavilion. A group photo was taken here. Following this Clifton Noble led us on a tour of Wesfield ending at the 31 High Street (now number 21 High) house for which his book is named. Dan and Anne Bach made a discovery of many Noble ancestors and related families on the back side of Pine Hill Cemetery. For a look at those and other Noble family related grave markers from area cemeteries click HERE. Dinner was held at "The Rapids", and the day culminated with a fantastic concert by the duo of Jerry Noble, Jr (piano) and Bob Sparkman (clarinet), along with Jerry's daughter Samantha who accompanied then on four pieces as a "torch" singer. For information about these talented performers and how to purchase CDs of prior concerts go the BobandJerry website. A CD of the concert we head will be released soon. Just as we were leaving a thunderstorm rolled in and we exited down the highway toward Westfield with golf ball sized hailstones bouncing off the car.

Day 3 began with everyone meeting up at the Westfield library where we proceeded to the small town of Montgomery and visited the Grace Hall Memorial Library/Community Center and the Pitcher Street Cemetery. A stop was made at the Russell Pond cemetery at the Scout Camp, and then we went to Noble View. The new president of the Noble View Association gave a Power point presentation of the work done to finish the restoration of the Main Club House and the current work on the new bathhouse. The day culminated with dinner at the Russell Inn. With that the Reunion ended, with hope that as many as possible will meet up again next year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We all agreed that we look forward to a future reunion again in Westfield, truly the place where the great Noble Clan has its roots.

Following are photos of the reunion. They are not yet captioned, but those who were there will know everyone. The rest of you will just have to wait a few weeks.

Click HERE to see the photos.