Noble 2005 Family Reunion
Westfield and Amherst, MA

August 12-13, 2005

The 2005 Noble family reunion was held again in Massachusetts, in the towns of Westfield and Amherst. .  This is the third time in the past  four years the reunion has been held this area.  Family members began to arrive at 8:45 AM on Saturday in front of the Westfield library.  At 9 o'clock everyone went into the library basement conference room.  Old friends met new friends and the next half hour was taken up with getting acquainted.    Carol Benner, our reunion coordinator, had done her usual wonderful job with name tags and binders for everyone.  A business meeting was held with discussions of future reunions, and the election of officers for the Noble-Warriner Family Association.  It was agreed that the 2006 reunion would be in Iowa in late July or early August..  Ron Kuhnel then gave a photo presentation of a recent trip he and Melanie Kuhnel had taken to Egypt earlier this year.  After this we departed for Stanley Park and had a picnic lunch in this beautiful setting.   After a great meal, with only one pesky bee this year,  everyone adjourned for the short trip to Amherst to visit the Jones Library and research the papers of Lucias Boltwood, the author of the definitive genealogical work on the Noble Family.  We were provided the opportunity to examine his original research papers, and a number of members were able to obtain valuable genealogical data.   From there we proceeded to dinner at the Royal Buffet.   Day 2 consisted of a trip to Noble View where we had a presentation by Gary Forish, then a group photo was taken (click HERE for that photo), a visit to a nearby cemetery where some Nobles are buried, and on to lunch and dinner engagements where much socializing was done.   Photos of the reunion follow.

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Westfield Library

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Arriving at library

Noble 05 002a.JPG (88542 bytes)
Picking up binders

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Noble 05 004a.JPG (96495 bytes)

Noble 05 005a.jpg (88497 bytes)
Bruce Cortis

Noble 05 006a.JPG (89065 bytes)

Noble 05 007a.JPG (92774 bytes)

Noble 05 008a.JPG (88685 bytes)

Noble 05 009a.JPG (84774 bytes)

Noble 05 010a.JPG (91702 bytes)

Noble 05 011a.JPG (91265 bytes)

Noble 05 012a.JPG (90977 bytes)

Noble 05 013a.JPG (89230 bytes)

Noble 05 014a.JPG (83736 bytes)

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Following are photos of the picnic in Stanley Park, everyone meeting at the Westfield Library to begin the second day, and the trip to Noble View.

Noble 05 022a.JPG (128878 bytes)
Picnic at Stanley Park

Noble 05 023a.JPG (120700 bytes)
More picnic arrivals

Noble 05 024a.JPG (126934 bytes)
Even still more arrivals

Noble 05 025a.JPG (138906 bytes)
Carol, Wally, Melanie

Noble 05 026a.JPG (102160 bytes)
Bruce Cortis and wife

Noble 05 028a.JPG (106185 bytes)
Paying the bill at the Royal Buffet (a real bargain)

Noble 05 030a.JPG (126466 bytes)
Gathering on the steps of the library

Noble 05 031a.JPG (129013 bytes)
More arrivals

Noble 05 033a.JPG (128794 bytes)
Westfield library

Noble 05 034a.JPG (113318 bytes)
The road to Noble View starts here in Westfield

Noble 05 035a.JPG (117309 bytes)
Ralph Cortis and Bob Benner
 arrive at Noble View

Noble 05 036a.JPG (126453 bytes)
Gary Forish tells about Noble View

Noble 05 037a.JPG (127843 bytes)
Gary tells about Noble View.  This beautiful site is owned and operated by the Berkshire Chapter of  the Appalachian Mountain Club.  

Noble 05 038a.JPG (125585 bytes)
Ralph Cortis

Noble 05 039a.JPG (136862 bytes)
Patricia Bishop. Melanie Cindy Sadowski Boucher

Noble 05 040a.JPG (125218 bytes)
Bob and Carol Benner

Noble 05 041a.JPG (125083 bytes)
Gary Forish tells about Noble View

Noble 05 043a.JPG (125878 bytes)
Patricia Bishop was the winner of the drawing for the  beautiful wall hanging made and donated by Carol Benner

Noble 05 050a.JPG (126746 bytes)
Robyn and Tyler Boucher with Noble View sign

Noble 05 049a.JPG (139270 bytes)
Group Photo (click on it for names of everyone)

Noble 05 053a.JPG (114617 bytes)
Main Club House

Noble 05 054a.JPG (129049 bytes)
Old house


Noble 05 062a.JPG (114551 bytes)
Melanie Kuhnel in  the Albert Noble House
 (built 1831)

Noble 05 063a.JPG (101639 bytes)n Robin Boucher, Margaret Joris, and Melanie Kuhnel in the Albert Noble House

Noble 05 067a.JPG (115019 bytes)
New construction in main club house

Noble 05 068a.JPG (116498 bytes)
Back of Main Club House

Noble 05 070a.JPG (144036 bytes)
Wood from property for sale to support site

Noble 05 071a.JPG (125713 bytes)
coming back from a walk

Noble 05 075a.JPG (96353 bytes)
Kitchen scene in Albert Noble House with Tyler Boucher

Noble 05 074a.JPG (94365 bytes)
Kitchen area in Albert Noble House

Noble 05 076a.JPG (150156 bytes)
Tyler and Ryan Boucher pumping water.  
Yes the pump really works!

From Noble View we went to a small cemetery where some Nobles are buried.  Then we had lunch at the Russell Inn and after some free time we had dinner at Take Five in Feedings Hills.

Noble 05 077a.JPG (142113 bytes)

Noble 05 078a.JPG (140455 bytes)

Noble 05 079a.JPG (137113 bytes)

Noble 05 080a.JPG (143757 bytes)

Noble 05 081a.JPG (136307 bytes)

Noble 05 082a.JPG (120988 bytes)
Next to the cemetery is a wolf trap.  It consists of a deep hole with the side tapering outward. When the wolf falls in it cannot climb out.

Noble 05 083a.JPG (121403 bytes)

Russell Inn (lunch)

Noble 05 084a.JPG (117579 bytes)
Betty and Wally 

Noble 05 086a.JPG (102287 bytes)
Bruce Cortis

Noble 05 087a.JPG (105228 bytes)

Noble 05 088a.JPG (90125 bytes)

Noble 05 089a.JPG (87633 bytes)

Noble 05 090a.JPG (101847 bytes)
Ralph Cortis

Noble 05 091a.JPG (106711 bytes)
Carol and Bob Benner

Noble 05 092a.JPG (102216 bytes)
Ron and Melanie Kuhnel

Noble 05 093a.JPG (105443 bytes)
Bill Benner

Noble 05 094a.JPG (111885 bytes)

Noble 05 095a.JPG (108923 bytes)

Noble 05 096a.JPG (82493 bytes)

Noble 05 101a.JPG (105854 bytes)
Bruce Cortis and Melanie Kuhnel do genealogy work at the home of Bruce Cortis

Noble 05 102a.JPG (95655 bytes)

Noble 05 103a.JPG (97783 bytes)
Margaret and David Peschau

Noble 05 104a.JPG (102040 bytes)

Noble 05 102a.JPG (95655 bytes)Margaret Joris and Helen Peschau dinner 
at Take 5 in Feeding Hills

Noble 05 105a.JPG (97116 bytes)
Ralph Cortis

Noble 05 106a.JPG (91062 bytes)
Bruce Cortis and Melanie Kuhnel

Noble 05 109a.JPG (80670 bytes)
Melanie and Ron Kuhnel