The 2004 Noble Reunion

Fort Wayne, IN
Westerfield, OH

July 29-July 31, 2004


The 2004 reunion began in Fort Wayne, Indiana on the evening of July 28th, as descendents began to check into the reunion headquarters at the Holiday Inn in downtown Fort Wayne.  Each family received a binder, prepared by Carol and Bob Benner, containing the agenda, reviews of past reunions, a letter from England regarding research into Thomas Noble's birth and parentage, a list of the descendents of Thomas and Hannah, descendents of Jonathan Noble and wives Mary Barber and Hannah Buell, the story of the Jonathan Noble log cabin in Westerfield, OH, the story of D.C. Noble and his greenhouses, the story of Fort Wayne, IN, Cemeteries in Indiana and Ohio and current known burials, and a Food Guide.  This wonderful work was a great keepsake for reunion attendees.

Day 1 began with attendees meeting in the hotel lobby, and proceeding to the Allen County Public Library, where they were given a guided tour by library staff.  The rest of the day was devoted to research.  The library has one of the finest genealogical collections in the nation, and very helpful staff.  Excellent computer access to various databases augment the collection.  Everyone there praised the facility, and much excellent research ensued.

Noble2004-007.JPG (86496 bytes)
Carol Benner

Noble2004-009.JPG (84926 bytes)
Carol Benner with Reunion Book

Noble2004-011.JPG (101074 bytes)
Helen Peschau

Noble2004-013.JPG (93642 bytes)
Helen Peschau

Noble2004-014.JPG (108407 bytes)
Reunion attendees

Noble2004-015.JPG (100793 bytes)
More reunion attendees

Noble2004-016a.JPG (107470 bytes)
Helen Peschau, Margaret Joris,
Grace and Tom Kneil examine Noble family documents

Noble2004-016a.JPG (107470 bytes)
Helen Peschau, Margaret Joris,
Grace and Tom Kneil

Noble2004-018.JPG (104304 bytes)
Harold and Carol Byrd


The reunion group assembled for dinner at "The Factory", for good fellowship, and outstanding prime rib, lobster, and other delicious foods.  Following are a few photos from dinner.

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Carol and Bob Benner

Noble02.jpg (33146 bytes)
Bill Benner

Noble03.jpg (38500 bytes)
Chris and Todd Carlson

Noble04.jpg (52718 bytes)
Walt and Lois Reiner and son

Noble05.jpg (43590 bytes)
Betty and Jed White

Noble06.jpg (47339 bytes)
Helen Peschau, Margaret Jorris, Harold Byrd

Noble08.jpg (40032 bytes)
Harold and Carol Byrd

Noble09.jpg (41770 bytes)
Susan and Marissa Carlson

Noble11.jpg (49738 bytes)
Tom Kneil, Bill, Carol, and Bob Benner

Noble12.jpg (47216 bytes)
Grace Kneil

Noble13.jpg (47197 bytes)
Jed and Betty White

Noble14.jpg (51508 bytes)
Alan Phelps, Melanie Kuhnel, Sandy Phelps, Jed White



Day 2 began with everyone meeting in a conference room for an exchange of information, showing of photographs, some of them historic, and others of the last few reunions.  The location of the next reunion was discussed, which will tentatively be either in Westfield, MA again, or in central Iowa.  We are waiting to see if the book on Noble of the famous Barnes and Noble bookstore is completed before making a decision.  

A discussion was held about creating a Noble - Warriner family association.  It was agreed that this would be desirable, so initial goals, officers, and dues were agreed upon.  The charter members paid their dues, and the association was born.  Carol Benner was chosen as the President and Secretary, plus historian.  Tom Kneil was elected as Treasurer.  Ron Kuhnel will be the Newsletter editor, and Helen Peschau will help maintain the web site.

The rest of the day was spent in more research at the Library, and dinner was held at the Triangle Park Bar & Grill.

Photos from Day 2 follow.

Noble2004-091.JPG (92159 bytes)
Bill Benner

Noble2004-092.JPG (108495 bytes)
Betty White

Noble2004-093a.JPG (105649 bytes)
Grace and Tom Kneil

Noble2004-095a.JPG (112024 bytes)
Group at dinner

Noble2004-096a.JPG (115597 bytes)
Tami and Betty Jorris & Helen Peschau

Noble2004-097.JPG (108194 bytes)
Jed White, Susan and Merissa Carlson

Tami and Barry Jorris

Kris Richey and mother

Susan and Merissa Carlson

Noble2004-098.JPG (102523 bytes)
Chris and Todd Carlson

Noble2004-099.JPG (104527 bytes)
Sandra and Kimberly Pavey

Noble2004-100.JPG (93251 bytes)
Melanie and Ron Kuhnel

Noble2004-101a.JPG (92971 bytes)
Margaret Jorris, Helen Paschau

Noble2004-102a.JPG (84831 bytes)
Helen Peschau

Noble2004-103.JPG (93083 bytes)
Tom Kneil and Jed White

Noble2004-104.JPG (99588 bytes)
Betty White and Grace Kneil

Noble2004-105.JPG (110209 bytes)
Kris Richey

Noble2004-106.JPG (107515 bytes)
Kimberly Pavey

Noble2004-107.JPG (109938 bytes)
Sandra and Kimberly Pavey

Noble2004-108.JPG (103522 bytes)
Sandra and Kimberly Pavey

Noble2004-109.JPG (98067 bytes)
Jed White

Noble2004-110.JPG (112723 bytes)
Carol and Harold Byrd

Noble2004-111.JPG (113253 bytes)
Chris and Todd Carlson

Noble2004-112.JPG (104811 bytes)
Jayne Noble and Carol Benner

Noble2004-113.JPG (106735 bytes)
Margaret Jorris, Melanie Kuhnel

Noble2004-114.JPG (115226 bytes)
Tome Kneil, Jed and Betty White
(...and it was THIS big)


Day 3 was in Westerfield, Ohio.  We first visited the Jonathan Noble log cabin in Westerfield, OH. When we arrived on a overcast day, the Johnny Appleseed Society was in the process of planting an apple tree next to the cabin.. Inside the cabin we were treated to a very interesting explanation of the history of the house, its log cabin construction, and some artifacts (such as a log splitter and axe). All are shown in the photos below.  Finally the Noble descendents lined up for a group photograph in front on the house.  For a larger version of one of the photos with everyone identified click HERE..  Afterwards everyone left for home or other locales, as a violent thunderstorm descended on the region making the drive out of town exciting.


Jonathan Noble Cabin - Back

Jonathan Noble Cabin - Front


Noble2004-115.JPG (123660 bytes)
Walt Reiner digging hole

Noble2004-116.JPG (132169 bytes)
Walt Reiner preparing soil

Noble2004-019.JPG (123049 bytes)
Walt Reiner planting appe tree at
Jonathan Noble Cabin in Westerfield, OH

Noble2004-021.JPG (117851 bytes)
Walt Reiner tamping soil

Noble2004-022.JPG (119592 bytes)
Walt Reiner with planted Tree

Noble2004-023.JPG (105770 bytes)

Alan Phelps

Bill Benner

Walt Reiner explains cabin

Noble2004-117.JPG (113597 bytes)
Walt Reiner

Walt Reiner

Noble2004-120.JPG (114201 bytes)
Jed White

Group in cabin

Group in Cabin


Noble2004-122.JPG (91145 bytes)
Log splitter

Noble2004-121.JPG (95324 bytes)

Old single bladed axe

Noble2004-024.JPG (99405 bytes)
Square logs of cabin

Noble16 Group.jpg (49917 bytes)

Noble15 Group.jpg (51835 bytes)

Noble20 Group.jpg (51062 bytes) Noble17 Group.jpg (50361 bytes)
Noble18 Group.jpg (50403 bytes) Noble21 Group.jpg (48982 bytes)  

Orrin Noble

Horace Noble

Mary Noble

Hannah Noble

Jonathan Noble